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The Bells

Hello, my name is Annie Bell, the wife and the mom of 2 brilliant young moguls who are Worldschoolers.

Why the name Tackle 'n Travel (TNT)?

The "travel" part is self explanatory but the "tackle" part of our name is a little bit deeper.  #1 Tackle is for the bait and/or equipment that is used to catch fish.  Simple enough.  #2 Tackle also defines the act of seizing, taking hold or grappling with something.  As a disabled traveler, that is exactly what I have had to do to see this beautiful world we live in.  I seize, take hold of and even grapple with world travel because not every country embraces accessibility for the differently-abled person.  Therefore, as I travel the world, I am helping every country understand the importance of inclusion as well as forge paths for other differently-abled bodies to come behind me.  This world is for EVERYBODY!

What is Worldschooling?

Basically, Worldschooling strategically injects world travel into the core of the students' curriculum for academic enrichment and robust studies.  My husband and I decided to raise Global Citizens and Business Moguls with a compassion for all humans and animals that inhabit this earth and worldschooling is a pivotal part of that.

Introduce the TNT crew.

Lloyd Bj Bell is the "The Fisherman" and the Graphic Designer.  He creates all of our matching travel jerseys and shorts sets.  As the owner of Pneuma Designz, Inc. he has designed jerseys, logos, and other graphics for all occasions; from family vacations, reunions, outdoorsmen, race cars and more.  Bj keeps us looking oh so fresh!

Annie "Travel Mastermind" and Founder of Around the World Homeschooling" FB group - I am the one who coordinates it ALL from vacations to curriculum and everything in between.  I am also the one who coordinates our Destination Family Portaits and makes sure we are dining (my second favorite part) at the most trendy and not so trendy spots across the globe

Azriel - "The Photographer and Content Creator" As the young fresh mind with the eye for photography, she makes sure our pictures and videos are 'gram worthy.

Uriah - "The Fun-One"  If it is not fun, he wants no part of it.  He makes sure that FUN and adventure headlines every travel show.  

What is TNT's mission?

We set out to share our Lux-World-Travel-on-a-Budget tips, Worldschooling Curriculum & Advice, explore the best fishing holes as well as create a fablous community where likeminded families and individuals around the world can connect.


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