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The "Tackle" In Tackle 'N Travel

If you have followed us at Tackle 'n Travel for any length of time you know that traveling plays a big part in our family. We worldschool our children and travel has been incorporated into their curriculum. Also my amazing wife is constantly sharing content from our wonderful travel experiences. You have likely seen her undeniable passion for being an inspiration for travelers in the disabled community. So while there is correlation to " tackling travel as disabled individual", we will not be focusing on that inference.

So what happens when an avid traveler marries an avid fisherman ? You have the makings for some epic adventures. The "Tackle" in Tackle 'N Travel was originally meant represent the to melding together of two passions. This continues to be the case today. Those who have seen our YouTube channel will find plenty of fishing content alongside our travel content. This fishing content can range from informative tips to just fun fishing related videos and shorts.

Everywhere we travel I try to make sure I get out and go fishing. I have fished local to international waters from ponds to oceans. Whether its the River Thames in England, Lakec Nasser in Egypt, Aegean Sea in Greece, or chasing Bluefin Tuna in San Diego to catching Largemouth bass in ponds in New Orleans, I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. I share tackle tips, fishing hacks, and what I have learned with over 40 years of experience fishing.

I have come along way from the little boy going crabbing and bank fishing with his pops. But I still love going bank fishing with my my father, uncles, and brothers

So if you or someone you know loves to fish follow us. Be sure to stay up-to-date by subscribing to all of our social media platforms. We look forward to sharing in the forms of inspiration, ideas/tips, and informative product reviews.